Friday, March 4, 2011

Glasses for Ivie

We have been getting Ivie ready for Kindergarten and at the Doctor's office they said she needed to get glasses so a few weeks later here she is. Pink glasses of course! These sparked her interest because they had a tiny Dora picture on the very end of the part that goes behind her ears so no one can see Dora but I guess she knows that she is there :) When we took her to the Optometrist she freaked out when we left without a pair of glasses and I had to drag her to the car with her screaming, "I want my glasses!" The receptionists were laughing and said that they don't often hear that from the people that come in. One of Ivie's cute little friends at preschool heard about her glasses and asked her mom why Ivie got to have glasses and then later on when they were eating she started saying that she couldn't see the tomatoes on her plate. How funny! I guess this will help motivate Ivie to keep her glasses on. Anyway here's a pic when she first put them on.
Here's a couple of pictures of us at the Dam with Steve Collard and his group. Zander caught one of the three fish that were caught all day. And Brighton stepped into one of the ice holes. His leg was completely soaked up to his hip, good thing the holes are very small! We had to strip him down and borrow Steve's hoodie. I'm glad it was such a warm day. He obviously doesn't look upset about it.

Here's a couple of pictures with Zander skiing. My brother-in-law invented this awesome device called Hookease that teaches kids to ski very easily and it's a ton easier on the one teaching as well!