Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sister's wedding

My little sis got married on May 30. Ivie's cast matches her dress but everyone still asked about her leg. She doesn't seem to mind it anymore. She was so excited to wear her princess dress.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Poor poor Ivie

It's only been about a month since Ivie had her stitches and now she has broken her leg. I was on the trampoline and did a small bounce, I guess it was a little too much because it knocked her off balance and then she started to hold her leg. That was Sunday afternoon. Monday I took her to the doctor to see if she had broken it and they said that she has a small fracture on her Tibia, right below her knee. They referred me to an orthopedic surgeon but couldn't get her in until Tues. morning. They put a full leg cast on it, but said she has to have it for only 2 weeks. Ivie thought it was very traumatic but thinks that her cast is pretty cool now because you can draw on it.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Question

For my Mother's Day present, I got a folded up note that said "For your Mother' s Day gift you get one free yard in one week" I thought it was great and very thoughtful, but kind of hard to accomplish. I asked Lance and he said "yes, I'm going to clean the pool, terrace the sloped grass, and tear out the garden beds and put in grass (to say the least) in one week. Then he informed me a couple days later that it was a coupon and the week started when I turned it in. I turned it in to him that night and he said, "Well, technically it is 12:01 am so I have till next Wednesday, ha ha." The joke is on you Lance!
So what does everyone think, Will he get it done by next Wednesday or will it take him just a little bit longer?

We blessed Zander on May 4