Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Awesome pics

My good friend Mitzi took these awesome pictures of Ivie and Zander. They weren't being very cooperative either so the fact that she got even one good picture is amazing! Notice, however, that we couldn't manage to get a picture of them together. Ivie fell asleep right before we got out of the car and and when she woke up she wasn't very happy. Every time we tried, Ivie would keep pushing Zander away. There are more pictures, but I seem to be having trouble uploading all of them, so here are some of my favorites.

Also, I just found out about another scam. My poor little Grandma called me and said that she just found out that she won $100,000 and that she got a check for $5000 to pay the taxes. She was to cash the check and within 48 hours take the money to western union or money gram and wire it to her tax representative in Canada! She totally believed it and was planning out all the gifts she was going to buy her grandchildren. I felt really bad to tell her it was a scam. I guess my mother had also told her it was a scam but she was still hoping it wasn't. She wanted me to look up the company on the internet justto make sure. I explained to her how the scams work and told her my own experience. Then I told her that I could write her a check right now for a million dollars but that doesn't mean that I have it. After that she said, "Well, you've just burst my bubble." One good thing that I heard, from someone who works at a bank, was that they usually can tell when someone brings in these fraudulant checks and they won't cash them.