Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter (2nd attempt)

O.K. so I got it to work. I'm still getting used to the new

format on our new computer. That was our present from the Easter Bunny. And perfect timing since our laptop died again.


We had a fun Easter. A visit from the Easter Bunny brought underwear, fairy wings, hair clips, and my little ponies for Ivie; and a memory game, dot painters, and a little fuzzy pet for Zander. The pet was supposed to move on its own, come to find out that it has a string attached to it and it was just a cheap magic trick. Zander and Ivie still fight over it. I just cut the dumb string off. We then had a Easter egg hunt at my Mom's where the adults also got candy and prizes. Lance loves this kind of stuff and obviously got into it.
(I am having a problem loading all the pictures on, hopefully I'll figure it out)