Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm excited!

I have a few things to be excited about. Today's my birthday. Always a day to look forward to with fun things planned. I really just planned on celebrating in the hospital but I'm still here and no contractions yet so I might as well have some fun. I'm also excited for little baby Brighton that will be here soon. I am scheduled to go in Sunday morning if I don't go sooner. (probably not) Yesterday I had my last appointment and the Doc says he's close to eight pounds and I'm at a 3 for any of you who are interested. So I'm still feeling like I could go at any time just because he's bigger than my other babies and I'm really feeling it. My hips feel like they're broken into pieces and the pressure on them and everything else feels great as you can imagine. I'm also excited for Christmas. I kind of wish that it was in a couple of days just because I want to give all the presents that I've been planning on for so long. But then I remember that I will be having a baby and I'm going to wish that it probably wasn't so close in a few days so that I can feel up to all the Christmas activities.

Well, this post is getting long but here are a couple of pictures from our first Christmas tradition for the season. We had family night and the kids got to open their first presents a pair of pj's and their ornament and then they got to hang it on the tree and we decorated the rest of the tree. Then we read a Christmas story and sang a few Christmas songs.
Next time for sure we'll have some baby pics!!