Monday, September 20, 2010

Before and After

We finally moved in to our newly remodeled house. It's been a crazy and busy summer. I finally have some pictures to post so I'm doing some before and after shots.
First a before and after of Zander's hair cut. Isn't he a handsome little guy. This is after we've moved in so he was long overdue for a hair cut.
You can see our tile and carpet in the living room, but until I have organized a little more I think I'll wait on taking an "after"shot. :)
Before: These are in the master bedroom. We added a bigger closet and took the carpet and wood floors out and put new carpet in. Framed in the dinky little space over the closet. Also notice the ceiling. Half of the ceilings in the house had to be replaced, mudded, textured, primed, then painted. So glad it's done!

After: So it's a different view but it is the same room. We used the framed in wall as a headboard and painted it blue.

In-between: This is the closet that we made. This is before it had doors or paint. We also enclosed the master bathroom as well. I'll post more pictures later.
Before: Now this was fun. I found this in a shed in the back of our house and thought it would be fun for Ivie's room. It was in pretty bad shape. Lots of parts missing, bent all over, and ugly!
After: Wa-Lah! White spray paint, some new pink beads to make up for not many clear ones (and to add some girliness to it), and new covers over the coils. I love it!
Before: Ivie sitting in her room. Actually the half mauve half teal carpet has already been taken out so you really don't get a true before.
After: We painted her room a light yellow. It reminds me of a banana smoothie. I think it turned out really cute. We still have to finish her closet that we discovered the day before the carpet came so I'll post those later as well.
O.k. last one for today.
Before: This is the laundry room.
After: I'm starting to really love this little room. I still have big plans for decorating and organizing pretty much the whole house but it will have to happen after the main stuff is finished. Sigh!
There will be more pictures of the bathroom, boy's room, and others soon. And I must say Thank you to all of you who helped us so much with tearing stuff out, framing, putting up drywall, mudding, sanding, painting, cleaning, packing, moving, etc. the list could go on and on! We truly appreciate it and feel so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends that support us and always help us out.