Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ivie's birthday,halloween, and redneck party

Ivie turned three years old on Oct. 27. We had cake and ice cream with all her cousins, aunts,
and uncles. We did face painting for the kids. Ivie chose a butterfly.

We were a fairy tale for Halloween. Lance was a duct tape knight, I was a princess, Ivie was the fairy, and Zander was a dragon. Ivie loved using her wand and saying, "Bibidy-bobidy boo!"

My side of the family decided to host a redneck party instead of doing the same Thanksgiving dinner that we always do. We all dressed up and look absolutely awful. After lunch they had pony and horse rides. They also hooked a mattress with a rope to a four wheeler and pulled people around on it. Ivie loved the pony and horse and kept wanting more turns.

Ivie's birthday, redneck party,an\

Obviously this post was a mistake. I'm trying to do this while holding Zander who constantly wants to pound on the keys.