Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lake Powell, July 4th, Lagoon, and Pregnancy!

We had an awesome trip to Lake Powell with a bunch of awesome people. We spent a lot of time tubing, playing games and eating food. We had perfect weather, and the perfect shady spot. What better vacation is there! We got home, took showers, and got up early for 4th of July celebrations. We had a full day of activities and we were so tired that we ended up watching the fireworks from the back deck of the Froerer's home. Zander fell asleep before the fireworks even started, and Ivie followed only a few minutes after.
I finally finished cleaning up my house on Tuesday, (with a few laundry loads to go) and then we were off to Lagoon on Wednesday. I have been so tired lately and I kept thinking it was pregnancy related but now I realize that anyone would be tired after this kind of a schedule. As for pregnancy, I am now about 18 weeks and we found out that it is a little boy. I'm just starting to feel little kicks which is my favorite part about being pregnant. The vericose veins, I would say, are my least favorite part! But at least they give me an excuse to sit down and let Lance help me.