Tuesday, May 25, 2010


AAhh, Spring. I love when all my perenial flowers start blooming. Especially without any effort on my part! It's the one time of year that my yard looks somewhat nice. Even the mass load of dandelions in our grass look great. (as long as they are in bouquet's from Ivie and Zander) One morning they were both picking them and both proudly brought me a dandelion bouquet. It was so cute the difference between the two. Ivie's was very carefully picked and put together. Zander's was full of energy. I could just imagine Zander running to each dandelion he saw and picking it as fast as he could. They were both so excited and proud of their bouquet's I just had to take a picture.

This is just a picture of some new earrings I have in my little boutique. I just think they're so cute I wanted to show'em off a little. If you like them you can call me or go to my etsy shop. Zandie.etsy.com