Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Question

For my Mother's Day present, I got a folded up note that said "For your Mother' s Day gift you get one free yard in one week" I thought it was great and very thoughtful, but kind of hard to accomplish. I asked Lance and he said "yes, I'm going to clean the pool, terrace the sloped grass, and tear out the garden beds and put in grass (to say the least) in one week. Then he informed me a couple days later that it was a coupon and the week started when I turned it in. I turned it in to him that night and he said, "Well, technically it is 12:01 am so I have till next Wednesday, ha ha." The joke is on you Lance!
So what does everyone think, Will he get it done by next Wednesday or will it take him just a little bit longer?


Mitzi said...

I think he can totally do it! We'll all be up Thursday to celebrate! That is such a good present!

Sky & Steph said...

Haha, I love that "you have to turn it in first." Didn't he start on it on Tuesday so now he has an extra day? Hehe I love it.. Well, I think it can probably be done!! Sky does have this next week off work so I'm sure he'll help Lance if he wants some more help.. I agree with Mitz though, part on Thursday to celebrate!! Or maybe Friday cause my fam's going to see Indiana Jones on opening cause we're cool like that :)

Ruth said...

So did he finish on time?

We'd love to see before/after pictures. I'm sure Amelia & Keith are enjoying the new view. :)

jcollard said...

two weeks ago I went over the the froerers home on a saturday found Brecklyn in the back yard with a hack saw cutting down trees and cleaning up the yard... Lance was mowing the lawn and when I asked him about Paint balling. Lance then explained to me about the cupon and how this was the day it had to get done. I know how hard the temptation was for him, and I respect him for the decision he made. You know, it is not every day you can go paintballing with good friends, and I am glad Lance was quick to throw down the tools and come play. I am sure brecklyn did a great job with the back yard.