Sunday, April 4, 2010


The Easter bunny brought a little surprise today. Can you see it hiding in the corner of the couch. Zander spotted it first and then Ivie caught on. They were so excited and both wanted to hold the bunny all day. They have had so much fun with the bunny. We think it's a boy and we haven't decided 100% on a name yet. Ivie definitely has some creative ideas though, like Cajika, and Santa Claus. We'll keep you posted.

The kids also got to have an easter egg hunt at my Parents' house and at my Aunt Valerie's huge neighborhood and family egg hunt, and probably one more to come at the Froerer's
Zander and Ivie just picked through the candy they wanted instead of just grabbing piece in sight. This meant that they both ended up with about 5 suckers each and just a handful of chocolates. Which is fine with me. I don't know about anyone elses children but mine are not happy after a day of eating candy.

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