Thursday, April 24, 2008

poor Ivie

Ivie had her first real accident. She tripped on a step right onto the hard wood floor and split open her little chin. She needed two stitches and she sure put up a fight while getting them. The doctor said, "Boy, she is small but she sure is strong." One thing that did help her settle down was my promise to give her ice cream.

Zander is getting bigger and cuter everyday. He is a little drool monster lately. He giggles almost every time I change his diaper or get him dressed.


Mitzi said...

Don't you just hate to see them in pain. Poor little thing! She really is a trooper though.

kelly said...

Ouch!! I don't look forward to the trips to the emergency room. Ivie definitely needed some ice cream after that one. Zander is so cute. I never did get to see him in the hospital. Elizabeth has become a little giggler lately too. I love it!